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Assistance in Starting a PA State Workplace Safety Committee

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Would you like to join the ranks of 11,500+ Pennsylvania employers who have saved over $645 million in insurance premiums? Maintaining a PA Department of Labor & Industry-approved Workplace Safety Committee will help you save 5% on your Worker’s Compensation Insurance premiums, freeing up more of your resources to invest in your business and employees. More importantly, maintaining a Workplace Safety Committee will help keep your workers safe, injury-free, and on the job earning their full wages! (LIBC-55)

Hidden costs associated with workplace injuries can often run 5 to 10 times the cost of the workers’ compensation claim. Hidden costs may include:

  • injury recovery time
  • production delays
  • interrupted operations
  • incident investigation costs
  • re-training
  • lowered worker morale and efficiency, and
  • negative effects on the lives of workers and their families.


The 1993 amendments to the Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act encourages the establishment of workplace safety committees, which are aimed at reducing employer’s workers’ compensation rates as well as the incident of workplace injuries and illnesses. (LIBC-55)

The benefits of having a safety committee are numerous and well-known, but many employers run into trouble when it comes to maintaining the committee.  Business gets busy, your to-do list grows and before you know it, you’ve missed 3+ months of committee meetings. CCI can assist you in starting and maintaining your committee, and even taking you through the steps of getting certified by the Department of Labor & Industry, Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. We offer a Safety Committee Management Program which will guide you through the steps, so that your program gets the support it needs. No matter what your safety philosophy, we will create a program tailored to you.

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CCI has created a 29-page PA State Safety Committee Assistance Guide which will get you started! Click here to get your FREE copy!

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