OSHA Injury Illness Reporting

Changes to OSHA’s Electronic Injury/Illness Reporting Requirement

Updated 06/29/17 – OSHA has proposed to push back the compliance date of the Electronic Injury/Illness Reporting Requirement until December 1, 2017. The agency decided to push back the date in order to provide more time for review of the policy and its lawfulness.  OSHA is seeking comments on the proposed date change and, under a separate proposal to be issued in the future, will seek comments on the provisions of the rule itself. We’ll update this post with that link when it becomes available.


While OSHA hasn’t completely shelved the electronic reporting of injury and illness records, it is currently on hold. Originally the deadline to submit your electronic injury and illness records was July 1, 2017. But in a recent update, OSHA stated that they are planning to push the deadline back and do not have a firm date as of yet.  CCI is keeping a close eye on this, and we’ll update you as changes take place. Be sure to subscribe to our emails on the right so you’ll be the first to know.

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