man taking an online OSHA training course

Coming Soon – Online Safety Training!

Edit: It’s live!  Check out the Online Training Portal here!

CCI is excited to announce that we will soon be offering OSHA-Authorized Outreach Training in an online format!

While we always recommend onsite, in-class training, we realize that this is not always a feasible option for every circumstance. This is why we’re happy to soon begin offering online 10 & 30-Hour Courses for Construction and General Industry.

Outreach Training Courses are an excellent way to ensure your employees and management team are able to recognize, avoid, abate, and prevent hazards from occurring in the workplace. OSHA requires that all employees are trained in the “recognition, avoidance and prevention of unsafe conditions”.  The 10 & 30-Hour Online Outreach Courses are an excellent way to meet those requirements.

The signup form will soon be available on our website. Be sure to sign up for our emails (at the bottom of this page or on the Contact Us page) to be the first to know when the online training courses will be live.



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