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Community Right to Know Reporting – Deadline March 1, 2009

Federal, State and Local Sara Title III Regulations

Under EPA Regulations, facilities must report their extremely hazardous, OSHA hazardous and DOT hazardous chemicals by March 1st of 2009. These detailed reports must include the quantity (in pounds) of chemicals stored on site, their physical state, where they are stored and in what type of containers: tanks, drums, pails, gallon bottles, etc. The report must also include a detailed plot plan of the facility with codes and legends of specific storage locations and conditions of storage.

Most states and many counties allow for electronic reporting of these documents with hard copies forwarded in the mail. A copy of the report must also be kept onsite. In addition, there may be fees associated with these reports, payable to the state and county Local Emergency Planning Committees.

Compliance Consultants, Inc. has more than 18 years of experience assisting clients with these very complex reporting regulations. These companies enjoy peace of mind knowing their locations have properly reported. Also, in the event of an emergency at the plant, the responding fire department or emergency response team know in advance where hazardous chemicals are located and in what quantities, as well as what the hazards are. Client management experiences confidence in proper reporting and knows they are good neighbors with their local community.

Please call us at 610-237-7100 if we can assist you with your Sara Title III reporting needs.

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