hands holding a model of earth for earth day

Earth Day 2009!

Happy Earth Day!

All over the world people are celebrating this holiday by taking a look at their actions and trying to find ways to make themselves and their communities more environmentally friendly. Have you made your Earth Day Resolutions? We at CCI would love to hear what you have planned to make the earth a better place for future generations. Leave us a message below and share your plans with others!

When you’ve finished that, share your thoughts with the EPA! They’re running a special Earth Day project titled “Pick 5 for the Environment”. Click on this link www.epa.gov/pick5 and then choose five of the ten activities listed and commit to them.

We all have a responsibility to ourselves, future generations and the planet that allows us to live so fruitfully! Even the smallest thing you can do to help the environment will make a difference! Celebrate this day by making a change for the better!



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