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Develop a Strong Safety Culture Using Foundations for Safety Leadership (FSL)

Although you may see problematic conditions on your worksite daily, it might be difficult for your employees to speak up about them and assist you in the field as strong safety leaders. It takes courage to be a leader who can demonstrate to their team that they will identify and limit hazardous situations even under stressful job pressures such as costs or scheduling.

However, with the right tools, anyone can be a safety leader!

When you enroll your employees in our Foundations for Safety Leadership (FSL) class, they will gain the crucial leadership skills necessary to strengthen their company’s safety culture. They can easily apply these skills to mitigate the organization’s direct and indirect costs, and improve the morale, teamwork, and reputation of your company.

The Foundations for Safety Leadership (FSL) class is a 2.5 hour module created by OSHA that one can take individually or as an elective in their OSHA 30-Hour Safety Training Course. With the knowledge that they will gain, your employees can go on to address safety issues and bring about a better safety culture in your worksite.

FSL will teach them the five core skills that will enable them to become effective safety leaders who are capable of improving the safety outcomes on your jobsite. These five skills comprise the acronym LEADER:

Leads by example

Engages and empowers team members

Actively listens and practices three-way communication

DEvelops team members through teaching, coaching, & feedback

Recognizes team members for a job well done

It does takes courage to be a leader and speak up about safety issues on the worksite, but these skills can be put into practice in one’s daily workflow without disrupting productivity, and everyone on your team will benefit!

Also included in this module are scenario activities which will help them identify whether or not any safety leadership skills are being applied, discuss the individual outcomes, and improve on them for a better result.

Please contact CCI at [email protected] or (610) 237 – 7100 to schedule this essential course!

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