recycling old cell phones

Recycle Your Cell Phones This Week, April 6-12!

This is the week to find all those old cell phones and their chargers gathering dust in the corners of your junk drawers! The EPA has teamed up with a number of companies to promote this national campaign, including Best Buy, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Staples and many others. Cell phones and their accessories can either be recycled or their parts can be reused. According to the EPA, about only 10 percent of unwanted cell phones are recycled each year. Rather than throwing away your old cell phones, find a place near you where you can drop them off and do your part to help the environment. Recycling cell phones and chargers helps reduce the waste that gets sent to our nation’s landfills and also provides energy savings.

To find out where you can go to drop off your unwanted cell phones and chargers, contact your local retailer or go to


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