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Co-Creating a Strong Safety Culture With CCI

CCI possesses the knowledge, tools, and people that will take your organization to the next level in safety culture! A strong safety culture is a critical element in reducing workplace injuries and illnesses and in boosting your employee’s morale and your company’s ROI and savings. Though this may come as a surprise, many studies have shown that a company’s commitment to safety and its productivity go hand-in-hand. For example, one study ties an 85% productivity increase with good worker health.1 When you care about your workers, they care about you back!

Read on to discover the ways that CCI can help increase your organization’s safety compliance, culture, and collaboration:

A Supportive Safety Partner

CCI’s commitment to building a strong safety culture begins with our core values. Our foundational core value is our dedication to being your safety support system. Implementing a personalized safety program requires thoughtful attention-to-detail to the ins-and-outs of your company’s operations. After identifying which areas require compliance assistance, we will work with you to ensure that our partnership is based on:

1) value-added safety policies & programs

2) supportive & solutions-based interactions

3) and an ongoing process-improvement mindset

Together, these three elements ensure that:

a) your company’s policies and programs will be appropriate and comprehensive,

b) our communication will assist you in resolving workplace issues, and that

c) we will continually work with you to always be improving your safety culture!

A Personalized Health & Safety Program

The foundation of any company’s safety culture is a tailored health & safety policy or program which speaks to your organization’s needs. This written program enables an organization to implement the necessary processes which continuously prove their commitment to the safety of their workers and the public, address actual and potential workplace hazards, and establish accountability throughout all levels of the organization’s leadership.

During our free initial consultation, a CCI Safety Consultant will conduct a walkthrough of your worksite, perform a hazard analysis, and have a one-on-one conversation to further discuss your safety concerns. These actions will give us the information we need to create the custom program that will keep your workers safe, your organization compliant, and your culture alive and thriving!

Regular Safety Inspections

The second key ingredient of your company’s safety culture is to regularly conduct worksite safety inspections. Your HASP is a living document which is only as good as how consistently it is put into practice. Due to your organization’s structure or the complexity of day-to-day operations, your company’s safety vision may become ineffective or diluted. Workers and subcontractors may not even be properly incentivized or aware of your commitment to workplace safety in the first place.

For these reasons, CCI recommends regular safety inspections. The ability to periodically observe your worksite is critical for gaining awareness about novel or overlooked safety challenges and communicating about them in a healthy way … before they become a costly mistake. Don’t allow your health & safety programs to become fancy paperweights collecting dust in a corner; back up your commitment to safety by giving your worksites the proper attention they deserve.

Engaged & Educated Employees

Involving your employees in your safety program is a great way to elicit their buy-in as you move forward in implementing your program. You can enable employee participation by establishing a Workplace Health & Safety Committee, which not only is a proven way to strengthen your safety culture but would also earn you a percentage decrease – varying by state – on your workman’s comp premiums for each year that you certify your committee with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. Adhering to certification regulations can be tedious and time-consuming, but CCI can help you develop and maintain a certified safety committee which encourages employee engagement in identifying workplace hazards and articulating solutions on a team.

In addition, regular safety training is not only essential, but is also mandated by many OSHA standards. CCI can assist you in identifying which trainings are required, and implement them in a way that engages employees and helps them achieve the knowledge they need to be accountable for their own safety and the safety of their co-workers. In addition, CCI recommends an initial orientation where all levels of management are present so that workers clearly understand that leadership stands behind them on safety education.

Please contact CCI today to find out more about our formula to create and maintain your best safety culture. You and your employees deserve a culture that promotes a healthy and injury-free workplace where all workers feel empowered to communicate, take action, and be responsible concerning their organization’s commitment to safety.

We offer a free consultation and guide to managing safety committees to get you started on this rewarding journey. Please reach out to us today! (610) 237 – 7100 or [email protected]

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