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Take Safety Home: Hazardous Waste

Disposing of household chemicals safely means that they must be disposed of in a way that will not harm people or the environment. Many everyday household products and materials contain a wide range of chemicals, some of which pose a serious threat to our health and the environment. Cleaning products, home improvement products, car care and maintenance products and any product labeled toxic, flammable or corrosive are all common hazardous products in our homes. We need to educate ourselves to minimize usage of these hazardous products. We should be using nontoxic alternatives whenever possible.

Household chemicals should never be poured down the drain, or into the soil because of the possibility of contaminating our water systems or the ground. Many local communities host collection events for Household Hazardous Waste (HHW). Make sure to bring your products and materials in the original containers with labels intact so they can be correctly identified and disposed of properly. If any of your containers are leaking, wrap them in newspaper and place them in a plastic bag. Make sure all lids and caps are tightly secured. Place your items in a box when transporting them and cushion them with newspaper as a filler. If you have any chemicals that will react with one another, make sure you place them in separate parts of your vehicle. Make it a point to call your community to see when they will be holding their next event and what materials they accept.


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