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Do You Have a Workplace Safety Committee?

A workplace safety committee is a key element to achieving continuous improvement in safety. The purpose of a safety committee is to regularly bring workers and management together in a cooperative effort to promote safety and health on a daily basis. A safety committee assists the employer by making recommendations for change regarding occupational safety and health issues that directly affect the company.

The benefits of having a safety committee include a reduction in the number of workplace injuries and illnesses, a reduction in the hidden costs associated with injuries and illnesses, and an increase in employee safety awareness. Employees are also more likely to work safely because they are more invested in the implementation of company safety policies.

The specific functions of a safety committee are to detect hazards, analyze and solve problems and assist in safety management. Monthly safety meetings are an excellent way to keep everyone up to speed on what regulations they need to be aware of and what is changing or going unnoticed in the workplace. A workplace safety committee that has set goals, functions and duties and meets routinely ensures that your facility is a safer environment for all your employees. Creating a safety committee is a great first step towards providing a work environment that is safe.

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